Protecting technical anodizing

Although our work is focused on hard anodizing, clear anodizing is also provided on industrial pieces subjected to high technical or decorative needs and/or requiring high accuracy of layer thickness. Our treatment permits to obtain a low thickness (5-25µm) layer of colourless alumina, which can be dyed in several colours (blue, red, green, bronze, yellow, black). See colours

It is important to know the differences between the Hard Anodizing and Clear Anodizing whenever it comes to choosing the most suitable treatment for your product. Do not hesitate to ask.


 Clear Anodizing
(s/ MIL-A-8625 F, Type II)
Hard Anodizing
(s/ MIL-A-8625 F, Type III)
Layer Features Porous and not very dense Little porous and dense
Hardness Soft (< 300 vickers) Hard (> 400 vickers)
Layer thickness Low ( ≤ 25 µm) High (25-150 µm)
Layer growth 2/3 of layer penetrates
1/3 of layer increases
1/2 of layer penetrates
1/2 of layer increases
Colour Transparent Grey, bronze
(depending on the aluminium alloy and the thickness of the anodic layer)
Stained Blue, red, green, bronze, yellow, black Black
Abrasion Resistance (Taber test) 20-40 mg/10.000 cycles < 15 mg/10.000 cycles
Corrosion resistance >400 hours in saline conditions Superior. Variable, dependant on the alloy and film thickness


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