Fachada Anesdur
Address: Polígono Industrialdea. C/ Mallutz, 36
20240 Ordizia (Gipuzkoa)

Phone: 943 160 826


Sales department / General manager
(Alazne Chocarro):

Quality department
(Imanol González):

Commercial expert Cataluña
(Cristina Chicharro):
Telephone: 609670910

Head of Production (Ibai Aramburu):

Administrative Office (Maider Zabaleta):

Accounting Department (Nerea Bellido):

Contact Form

In order to be able to make an offer, the following data are required:

  • Required treatment
  • Required layer thickness
  • Material (alloy)
  • Amount lot / yearly
  • Drawing of the pieces showing if necessary:
    • Possible contact points
    • Masking surface

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